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Estate Planning


What is Estate Planning?
Simply put: It means transferring property (real estate) and all your other assets from one generation to another in a matter that will protect your Estate from unnecessary taxes, probate fees, Court interference etc.
It also means that YOU want to be in charge of your assets future & about your medical care should something happen to you.

hy do I need to take care of  it now?
Because there is no better time that the present time! Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Most of us  do not like to think or talk about dying or the possibility of being incapacitated, however these things happen every day to people like us. Timely planning is very crucial. You CAN plan today, you may NOT be able to plan tomorrow! 

How are our documents  created?

All of our estate planning documents are created by a document assembly software program called HotDocs. This program has currently over one million users and it often used by real estate attorneys and other real estate or finacial professionals. Using this program allows us to create documents that are ALWAYS up to date with all the new laws and regulations for every US state.
All the documents below are available for any US state, and if needed,  also in almost any language.

We provide forms and general information ONLY. These documents are not intended to take place of legal advice from a licenced attorney.

How does it work?
1/ Customer chooses the estate planning package that fits his/ her current needs. 
     We will gladly answer general questions and provide general information about all the individual documents in both packages.   
     We can provide you with a sample of the finished document package and also with an easy to understand informative and 
     educational brochures from Schumacher Publishing Inc., the leader in customer education for Estate Planning.

2/ Customer is provided  with a simple, easy to understand questionnaire via e-mail, regular mail or  personal

3/ The information provided to us by the customer is trasferred to the selected documents and our software
     program creates all the documents.

4/ The finished documents are placed in a 5 or 10 tab binder ( depending on the package) and delivered to the
      customer. Personally or via FedEx.
      In a case of a personal delivery, the LDP assists the customer with the notarization process ( for no additional cost to the 
      customer) of some of the pages, delivers instruction page and makes sure that the customer is fully satisfied with the finished
      documents package.
     In a case of mail/ FedEx delivery, the customer is provided with a checklist and an instruction page. Any customer can call us upon
      delivery of the finished documents and we can go over the finished documents together.



1/Estate Planning Provision Package ( 5 TAB BINDER)
   Price: $295
Last Will & Testament
Distribution of Personal Property
Power of Attorney
Heath Care Power
Final Dispositions Instructions


Living Trust Package (10 TAB BINDER)  Price: $795
Summary of Living Trust
Living Trust Agreement
Declaration of Trust
Certification of Trust
Assignment of Personal Property
"Pour- Over" Will
Durable Power of Attorney
Health Care Power / Directive
Final Disposition Instruction
Deeds Real Property

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                    We provide forms and general information ONLY. These documents are not intended to take place
                                                                                  of legal advice from a licenced attorney.
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