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       None of the information on this page should be considered a legal advice, only a general information. 

                                                   In the state of Florida a divorce is called a "Dissolution of Marriage" 
Uncontested Divorce: $150 
(Simplified Dissolution of Marriage)
marital property or debt to divide
No children born into this marriage and wife is NOT currently not pregnant
No unresolved financial obligation
The filing party has to know the accurate current address of the other party  
Both sides are willing to give up their right to trial and appeal
Both parties are willing to sign the petition in the clerk's office (separately or together)
Both parties are willing to go the final court hearing as the same time
Florida residency of more than 6 months prior to filling has to be proven.
Dissolution of Marriage with NO properly & NO children package:$150  
"No property" - NO marital assets or liabilities (debts) left to divide.
"No children" - NO children born into THIS marriage.

Dissolution of Marriage WITH property but NO children package: $200  
"With Property" - Marital assets or liabilities left to divide

Dissolution of Marriage WITH children package- starts at $250 

"With children" - usually a minor child(ren) under the age of 18 years, born into THIS marriage.  
Dissolution of Marriage package options:

The filling fee for any Dissolution of Marriage in Florida is currently $408. Indigent applicants can ask for an "Indigent waiver" and file it with the Court Clerk. If the Clerk approves it, the applicant ONLY pays the registration fee of $10.50 and if necessary additional $10 for summons. The Escambia County Court offers ALL the approved Florida Family  Law Forms on it is official website for FREE.  Petition for a Dissolution of Marriage has to be filed with the Circuit Court Clerk in the county, where the person filling the petition currently resides

                                                                          ESCAMBIA COUNTY:    This official website offers most approved Florida Family Law forms for FREE. The same forms can also be purchased in Pensacola Circuit Courthouse for a small FEE.  (The "One Stop Room" No. 13001 is located on the ground floor on the left side,  immediately behind the security screening area at the main entrance.  Look for the  "Family Law" sign in the back of the room. Phone number for Family Law Division: 850 - 595 4331850 - 595 4331. )   

NAME CHANGE for an adult:  $150
NAME CHANGE for a minor child(ren):starts at $150  (for each extra child add $15) 

                                                                                       *DISCLOSURE FROM NONLAWYER*
The Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.900(a), Disclosure from Nonlawyer, must be used every time that anyone who is NOT a lawyer in good standing with the Florida Bar helps a customer to complete any Florida Family Law Form.    

                                                     IMMIGRATION & NATURALIZATION

We can assist U.S. Citizens to prepare documents for their immediate relative (e.g. spouse, parent, children etc.)
Application for a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card
    Price: $475  or  $515 ( with a  co-sponsor )
"Green Card" package options:
Partial payment options

The first step in this process with the USCIS  is to file a form I-130 "Petition for Alien Relative". According to the USCIS website, form G-325A "Biographical Information" needs to be filed for each person, together with the initial form. Instructions for form I-130, list all the necessary documents needed to accompany the form. The current filling fee for form I-130 is $420. Other documents needed to make this process complete are: Form I-485 "Application to Adjust Status", Form I-765  "Application for Employment Authorization", Form I-864 "Affidavit of Support" and form I-693 "Medical Exam". Be aware, that the USCIS changes filling fees quite often. Currently (2015), the total is around $1,500.

The ONLY correct way to obtain a Permanent Resident status (Green Card) is to always be truthful and honest with the USCIS officials. Entering into a "sham" marriage with a US citizen for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration benefits or providing false information to the USCIS is a criminal offense punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. for both sides.
Approved ASYLEES:
We can assist with Permanent Resident Card Application (After the mandatory waiting period of 12 months expires)
Select # of applicants:

Permanent Resident Card based on K-1 Visa

**U.S. Citizenship application documents  Price: $145   

For Permanent Residents and/or other eligible customers we can prepare:
* I-  90  /
Green Card Replacement / Renewal            Price: $80
* I-751  /Removal of Conditions of Residence            Price: $80
* I-539  /Extend/Change of Non-immigrant Status     
Price: $80                                      
* I-765  /Work Authorization Application                  Price: $80 
USCIS Forms:

Customers seeking help with any immigration matter will be always provided with a questionnaire(s). As non-attorneys, we are prohibited by the Florida Bar to engage in oral communication pertaining to Immigration forms.  
For more information about immigration matters visit the USCIS official website:
                                                                OTHER SERVICES 
LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY  (per customer's specific instructions)  Price per page: $25

All prices listed above ONLY include the document preparation service for a particular document or document package  previously selected by a customer.

Price NEVER includes court filling fees or any other fees associated with processing or filling of any document.

 Customers are solely responsible for paying all those additional fees. If price is not listed, price quote will be provided to a customer immediately after a first preliminary conversation.

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