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U.S. Citizenship Application: $300

To become an US Citizen is the ultimate dream of majority of the immigrants. 

There are several requirements for all applicants. Majority of the applicants will have to take (and pass) a test in American history (civics), English language, satisfy the requirements for continuous residency in the US for the last 5 years, be of good moral character and in some instances be willing to give up their current titles of nobility and / or current citizenship since certain countries do not allow dual citizenship.

For more details, visit www.uscis.gov and review Form N-400 "Application for Naturalization."

 USCIS updated their requirements for all applicants pertaining to "good moral character" guiding rules in 2019.


None of the information on this page (or anywhere on this website) should be considered

a legal advice. All the information is provided for general information purposes only. 


We specialize in preparation of federal immigration forms, Florida Family Law forms and translations

from several Slavic languages.


If you do not see what you are looking for listed below, please contact us to see if we can assist you. 


                                                   Florida Family Law Forms


                                  (In the state of Florida a divorce is called a "Dissolution of Marriage" )

Uncontested Divorce: $325
(Simplified Dissolution of Marriage)               
No marital property or debt to divide
No children born into this marriage and wife is NOT currently not pregnant
No unresolved financial obligation
The filing party has to know the accurate current address of the other party  
Both sides are willing to give up their right to trial and appeal
Both parties are willing to sign the petition in the clerk's office (separately or together)
Both parties are willing to go the final court hearing as the same time
Florida residency of more than 6 months prior to filling has to be proven.

Dissolution of Marriage with NO properly & NO children package:$325 
"No property" - NO marital assets or liabilities (debts) left to divide.
"No children" - NO children born into THIS marriage.

 Dissolution of Marriage WITH property but NO children package: $350 

"No property" - NO marital assets or liabilities (debts) left to divide

NAME CHANGE for an adult:
 NAME CHANGE for a minor child(ren):starts at$175 

(for each extra child add $35) 


The filling fee for any Dissolution of Marriage in Florida is currently $408.

Indigent applicants can ask for an "Indigent waiver" and file it with the Court Clerk. If the Clerk approves it, the applicant ONLY pays the registration fee of $10.50 and if necessary additional $10 for summons. 

The Escambia County Court offers ALL the approved Florida Family  Law Forms on it is official website for FREE.  Petition for a Dissolution of Marriage has to be filed with the Circuit Court Clerk in the county, where the person filling the petition currently resides. 


This official website offers most approved Florida Family Law forms for FREE. The same forms can also be purchased in Pensacola Circuit Courthouse for a small FEE.  (The "One Stop Room" No. 13001 is located on the ground floor on the left side,  immediately behind the security screening area at the main entrance.  Look for the  "Family Law" sign in the back of the room.Phone number for Family Law Division: 850 - 595 4331 850 - 595 4331.

                                                         *DISCLOSURE FROM NONLAWYER*

The Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12.900(a), Disclosure from Nonlawyer,

must be used every time that anyone who is NOT a lawyer in good standing with the Florida Bar

helps a customer to complete any Florida Family Law Form

        *****  TRANSLATION SERVICES   *****      

We offer translations from the following Slavic languages ONLY: 
Czech, Slovak, Russian, Romanian,Ukrainian, Bulgarian & Polish
   (Several other languages are available upon request.)

 Examples of available translations: 
Birth Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Marriage Certificates, Inoculation Certificates, School Transcripts,  
Diplomas & Degrees, various Business & Personal Documents 
Prices & Fees:
 Regular translation:   6 cents per word or $40 per page minimum 
                   Other: Legal, Medical etc.:  Price will be determined after initial conversation     
 Mailing fee: Vary  depending on weight of the package
Personal delivery fee:   $30 or more (If driving distance exceeds 50 miles both ways)  

Delivery options:
       Email, USPS Priority & Express Mail, FedEx, UPS or in person. 


Our team:
All of our translators are native speakers of their respective languages.

They all share the same professional ethics & dedication. 

The founder, Gabriela Martin, has been working as an interpreter for the Family Court as well as for the general public since 2003. She assisted during family court proceedings, divorce mediations, attorney-client meetings, annulment hearings etc.

She has been translating various personal and business documents for close to 20 years. 

She is a native speaker of Czech & Slovak languages and had studied Russian language for over 8 years.

      We guarantee accuracy, affordable rates and prompt delivery!


  ***Mobile Notary Public Signing Agent ***

I am a mobile notary public signing agent. I am a native speaker of Czech & Slovak languages. I promise dedications, knowledge, experience, confidentiality, professional & ethical business conduct, reasonable prices and prompt delivery. 
I've been successfully assisting lenders & companies from LA, NY, NV, AL etc. for the last 8 years.

My experience includes (but is not limited to):  

Various regular documents 

Estate documents 

Divorce documents  

Refinance and/or  Reverse Mortgage packages

Business Loan Package    


Fees are based on:
1/Type of notarization 
                        (How many pages & copies needs to be printed, notarized, signed etc.)
    2/ Driving distance & time  
        (10 miles one way is FREE, after that 0.50 cents per mile.)
 Basic fee: $35  Visit my account at Notary Rotary website for more details:  www.notaryrotary.com          




Permanent Resident Card and/or 2 year Conditional Permanent Resident Card application

            (Adjustment of status = applicant is in the U.S. and is eligible to apply)

           $900  (without a co-sponsor)

          $950  (with a joint-sponsor )

            For applicants currently residing outside of U.S. :

            Consular proceedings:  $1000                                                                                            


General information:
The first step when filling for a "Green Card"  for an immediate relative of a US citizen is usually to file form I-130 "Petition for Alien Relative". Based on to the USCIS website, several other forms can be filed together with this initial form, some of them for free of charge, when filed together.

When a "Green Card" based on marriage is granted by the USCIS  and the initial application was filled before the 2nd weeding anniversary; the card is called "Conditional Permanent Resident Card" and the individual is known as a "Conditional Resident". This card is issued for 2 years only. 90 days prior to the expiration date of this card,  another form has to submitted to the USCIS (I-751 Petitions to Remove Condition of Residence)  in order to obtain Permanent Residency. The Permanent Resident Card is issued for 10 years.  


USCIS general instructions for form I-130, list other necessary USCIS forms as well as all the documents needed to accompany the forms. When filling for a Permanent Resident Card aka "Green Card" under certain categories;  all the forms listed below can be filled together with form I-130 for faster processing and to save on USCIS fees.

The USCIS has been updating forms more frequently in the last few years. Old versions of those forms usually have 60 days grace period during which they still can be used and send for processing.  After the grace period expires, old versions are no longer accepted and using them will lead to a rejection of an application.

In April 2024 USCIS raised / changed processing fees for I-485, I-130, I-765, I-131 and multiple other forms.


 Listed below are the MOST COMMONLY used USCIS forms for the "Adjustment of Status" process ( for applicant who applying while living in the U.S.):

Form I-485 "Application to Register Permanent Residency or to Adjust Status"

Form I-765  "Application for Employment Authorization"

( In some situations can still be filed for freeor with a reduced fee when filed concurrently during the initial filing) 

Forms I-131  "Application for Travel Document"   

( Can no longer be filed for free after 04/01/2024 even if filled concurrently during the initial filing)

Form I-864 "Affidavit of Support"  (No filling fee)

From I-130 " Petition for Alien Relative"

Form I-130A "Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary"  (No filling fee)

Form I-693  "Medical Exam"

( Must be done by an authorized USCIS doctor aka "civil surgeon". To locate one near you: visit www.uscis.gov )

                                                              USCIS fees & forms are subject to change. 

                          The latest USCIS fees changes took effect on 04/01/2024 / 2024 Final Fee Rule.   

                               Currently, the average fees are around $2,130 for paper filing / by mail.

The ONLY correct way to obtain any immigration benefit is to always be truthful & honest with the USCIS.


* I-90  /Green Card Replacement / Renewal  - $175
        * I-751  / Removal of Conditions of Residence - $250    
                               * I-539  /Extend/Change of Non-immigrant Status  - $175           

* I-765  /Work Authorization Application   - $175

For approved ASYLEES:
We can assist with Permanent Resident Card Application
  (After the mandatory waiting period of 12 months expires)




How the preparation process works:

Customers seeking help with any immigration matter will, after the initial conversation, receive one or multiple questionnaire(s) via email or via regular USPS mail.

Customers will be asked to fill them and returned them to us.

We prepare the selected USCIS forms using the information provided in the questionnaires.

The finished USCIS forms will be either delivered personally or send via USPS Priority Mail with mailing instructions.

We can not & will not review USCIS forms prepared by someone else for accuracy and or  mistakes!!

As non-attorneys, we are prohibited by the Florida Bar to engage in oral communication pertaining to U.S. immigration forms.

For more information and updates about immigration matters visit the USCIS official website:







  All prices listed above ONLY include the document preparation service fee for

                      a particular document or document package  previously selected by a customer.          
Price NEVER includes court filling fees or any other fees associated with processing 

                                                             or filling of any document.
                           Customers are solely responsible for paying all those additional fees.

                         If price is not listed, price quote will be provided to a customer immediately

                                                   after a first preliminary conversation.